Duplicat's Diary

by Rick at 17:38:55, 2017-10-21 (day 1266)
We are currently under the gloom of an anti-cyclone. MetBob the weather god lists 9 reasons to hate anti-cyclones, top of which is the lack of wind. We certainly have that along with the cloud cover and rain showers.

Yesterday the fleet began to motor. Loupan did some motoring the previous night, when we were slow due to the main. Vega started shortly after. By midday, She-San were motoring. Nautilus gave up sailing the same time we did - 15:30 and for the last 15 hours we have been motoring south south west against a knot of current. We are trying to punch through this high to get into the notherly flow south of it. This is what we knew we'd need to do and is very much in the plan.

The bad news is that it's beginning to look like we have more motoring to do closer to New Zealand. Another high comes across and give us very light winds and some SW winds too. Hey ho :) 600nm to go..