Duplicat's Diary

First day - good progress
by Rick at 19:46:36, 2017-10-20 (day 1265)
It was pretty rough when we left Minerva, but we took advantage of the stronger winds to make some good progress. The winds and sea state eased during the day and dropped right off overnight. This left us a bit slow as we only had a bit of mainsail out and wanted to raise it carefully during daylight. Nautilus passed us in the night maintaining good speed in lightish winds. We could see their light most of the night until the last 3 hours or so.

Once we got some daylight, we careful raised the main up to 1 reef. The jury-rigged fix is holding up so far, but we’re keen not to stress it too much. That extra sail, and better halyard tension has got us some better boat speed too, however the wind is really not co-operating, with some west in it, forcing us slightly north of west. We’ll continue like this as the westing will be handy later, and we know the wind will disappear this evening, leaving us motoring through the high on a more southerly route.

All the models are in agreement with the route, with a few minor variations around where the high will actually be. It looks like 24 hours of motoring, though some of that will be motor sailing with a better than predicted speed.

All is well onboard - but we are using all the warmer clothes as it was positively chilly last night. We’ve even got the duvets out of storage and it was very toasty wrapped up one last night whilst off watch :)