Duplicat's Diary

Welcome to Minerva Reef
by Rick at 22:09:28, 2017-10-15 (day 1260)
You really get an impression of how hard it was for the early navigators when charting the Pacific when approaching places like Minerva and Beveridge reefs. The reef was impossible to see until we were a few miles away, and even then it was just a thin occasional line of white breaking water. Very easy to get wrong and impossible to see at night. People say you can hear the water breaking on the reef but from upwind, I very much doubt you could hear anything over the wind and wave noise onboard until you were on the reef, especially in calm conditions.

We are anchored in about 7m of water, with good holding and few bommies. We are near the entrance so we can go diving tomorrow but we'll move to the other corner before the wind on Wednesday. For now we are relaxing and prepping lunch and will attack the boom issue this afternoon.