Duplicat's Diary

Good speed
by Rick at 17:18:46, 2017-10-14 (day 1259)
The wind is cooperating nicely for a change and we are making good speed towards Minerva reef. So far we have covered 100nm in 15hrs leaving us just 160nm to go. Given our average speed so far, it's likely that we'll arrive at dawn or just after, so some easing of the sheets may occur for the last few hours.

Nautilus are making good progress too, but not had an update from them yet this morning. Certainly far better than last Thursday.

One thing we are noticing is that we are already wearing lots of layers at night. Partly because we have the wind about on the beam, so it feels like it's blowing 17knots, rather than 10 if it were behind us, but also because the air temperature is cooler. I looked at the forecast for Opua and it was giving a max of 17degC and a min of 7degC! Remind me why we are leaving the tropics!?!? Both Amanda and I were wearing multilple long-sleeved layers, socks and long trousers. It won't be long before we bust out the pocket hand warmers :) we are currently at 22degrees south, but will be heading to 35 degrees south in a week or so.