Duplicat's Diary

Pit stop in Tongatapu
by Rick at 17:08:42, 2017-10-13 (day 1258)
Yesterday, we sailed down from Nomuka Iki to Big Mama’s Yacht Club with some fickle winds that ended up going quite a long way south - but still sailable to with 3 miles. The (slightly illegal) stop off here allowed us to have dinner with many friends we’ve not seen for a while - there are now a dozen boats here - far more than when we were here with Anthony. Pirlouit, a Belgian yacht we first met at Mangreva are here for a few days before heading out to Fiji. Solace is another boat we’ve not seen for a long time - Bonaire in fact, when they came for sundowners on Duplicat and gave us lots of hints and tips for the pacific! Serenity of Swanick are also here - Anthony gave Phil a hand to move Serenity to the haul out dock in Papeete whilst I was running around doing ‘Iridium’ stuff.

We also made new friends, Colin and Susan on Tabbycat (a Mainecat) are very interested in the Leisurefurl, so they’ll pop over this morning to have a look at our setup. Plus I think there are a few cruisers interested in Season 7 of Game of Thrones! Could be a busy morning for us :)

Nautilus leave this morning for Minerva Reef. We’ll get out jerry cans filled with diesel and follow them this afternoon. The wind looks good (on paper) for a 2 night passage, arriving at Minerva North on Monday Morning. Paul and Lesley on Suliere should be arriving in Opua this morning, so we’ll learn a little bit about their ‘check in’ experiences...