Duplicat's Diary

Happy Ha'apais
by Rick at 01:48:21, 2017-10-11 (day 1256)
The Ha'apais have been rather nice. Lovely anchorages, very relaxing. The diving was good, though not spectacular (we have been spoilt!). The coral at Nomuka Ike was stunning though.

The capital of the group is Pangai on Lifuka island. Here is rush hour:

It's a quaint place which definitely has no sense of urgency. This forklift has been missing a wheel for sometime...

We had thought to get a few cans of diesel here so we could leave topped up, but the island is out of diesel. The ferry may bring some when it arrives tomorrow. Maybe. We won't hang around to see.

Instead, we have cleared out of Tonga and will sail SW to Minerva Reef, a short 330nm hop from here. There we can wait for a window to head to New Zealand. We have already sent out Advance Notice of Arrival to the New Zealand authorities, so we are legal to arrive. We just have to eat everything they would otherwise confiscate between now and then!