Duplicat's Diary

Back to the Ha'apais
by Rick at 05:29:00, 2017-10-08 (day 1253)
Now Anthony had made his flight back to the UK, we were free to leave Nuku'alofa. We had a somewhat whistlestop tour of the Ha'apai group as we came south, so we decided to head back.

However, before we did, we revisited Big Mama's yacht club where Earle helped organise diesel for us.

We had a final meal there where we met Barry and Julie, originally from the UK but now living in NZ. We had a very pleasant lunch with them before heading back to the boat. We had put 200l of diesel onboard (100l into the tank and the rest in jerry cans) plus filled an LPG cylinder to give us plenty of cooking gas to get to NZ. We planned to leave early the next morning but then Ted on Capistrano came and anchor very close by. Over the chain in fact. We had a brief chat with him but nothing more as we needed our sleep!

Next morning, we managed to pull our chain out from under Capistrano without disturbing them and by 6:30am we were sailing rather quickly back towards Nomuka Iki. In fact the wind was a bit strong and we ended up putting the gennaker away and absolutely flew north with reefed main and genoa. We were anchored by 2pm.

Next day, Nautilus arrived as they were headed south on an airport run for guests. We did some snorkelling and explored the island ashore. Photos of that soon...