Duplicat's Diary

Getting hot in the tropics
by Rick at 19:23:56, 2017-09-04 (day 1219)
Over the weekend, 3 more boats arrived here - 2 of which we know from Samoa. On monday the weather front arrived, as did the customs agents to clear in the other boats - so they were ferried around in the drizzle and we got our passports stamped. We will pay our clearance fees when we go to get our inter-island clearance before leaving on Thursday. Manta finally left this morning as the wind had shifted back to the SE with the passing of the front.

Not much else happened - we caught up on a few jobs including one of the most unpleasant ones on the boat - testing the heating system whilst in the tropics! We hope not to need it, but the diesel boiler hasn’t been used in quite a while - only the occasional test. This time we wanted to check that the boiler would fire up, bring the whole system hot, bleed radiators, check air-handlers etc. There is a chance we will need it on the way down to New Zealand, so best to be prepared. Unfortunately, it makes the boat quite warm and given we’re in the tropics - thats not the greatest. Still - the job is now done and crossed off the list. We also identified and greased the squeak in the steering system tie bar.

Many boats are now headed to Tonga, so it will be quite the social scene - catching up with boats we’ve not seen since Panama or Tahiti. We’re looking forward to seeing some old friends, as well as plenty of diving. We head that way on Thursday on an overnight passage. We have to get inter-island-group clearance in Tonga, so Wednesday we plan to hike around the island here, calling into the customs office to get our clearance as we do.

Today, we’ll do some snorkelling from the beach on the little motu nearby - but not sure what else we plan yet...