Duplicat's Diary

Anchored at Niuatoputapu
by Rick at 01:27:36, 2017-09-01 (day 1216)
We arrived at Niuatoputapu safely. The entrance through the reef looks hairy from a distance but once you get "eyeballs on", it's pretty straightforward. There are good leading markers (though unlit - only the foolhardy do these passes at night!).

Tafahi , the volcanic island we passed on the way in looks menacing in the distance.

Niuatoputapu looks gorgeous and the spine is begging to be hiked...

The only other boat here is Manta - a boat we know from the Gambiers and also more recently in Samoa. They have been here a week all on their own and enjoyed it. There is no tourism industry here, it's all "authentic".

I went ashore to the village and a helpful lady is calling immigration and customs for us. We will have to collect them from the dock. Then I get a lift, or hitchhike into the capital to get some money and do the health clearance. Whether we can get this done today or not, remains to be seen. I don't think they work Saturday and Sundays are sacrosanct here. Nothing happens on Sunday apart from church. Can't even hang the washing out!

Looks like we may be here a week. A chance to catch up on some jobs but also relax a bit from our exertions at Samoa :)