Duplicat's Diary

More Samoa
by Rick at 20:15:34, 2017-08-31 (day 1215)
Robert Louis Stevenson is a big deal in Samoa. He settled here as the climate was good for his TB and was accepted by the locals. In fact he made many friends with the chiefs. You can't visit Samoa without seeing his former home which is now a museum.

We turned up and was surprised to find a huge corporate event being set up.

With the garlands and "Gift Distribustion" tent we wondered what was going on. Alas it was the closing down of Samoa's largest private employer!

We had a tour of the museum, which was very interesting but quite quick. Later in the week, Anthony, Tom and I climbed the hill to his grave. It was really pleasing to see so many locals using the climb for exercise!

Back in town, I had a look in the rebuilt cathedral which was exquisite.

We also headed to Papase'ea Sliding Rocks - a slippery waterfall which you slide down on your backside. Great fun- brought out the kid in all of us :)

There is so much more to write about Samoa. Watching the local rugby teams go at it, the 20km canoe races and the 500m sprints. We sat down and they thought we were VIPs so delivered food and drink to us! Oops! We watched the Mayweather v McGregor fight at the ice cream shop, and the Aussies v the Wallabies at the ex-pay bar.

In fact I doubt we've had a stay in another country where we have been busier or more relaxed. We really loved Samoa. But it's time to move on...