Duplicat's Diary

Diving in Samoa
by Rick at 20:17:24, 2017-08-30 (day 1214)
Trevor, the marina manager, recommended Dive and Snorkel Samoa as a better operation to go diving with then the more local one. Ty came and picked us up at 8am and we headed off to a small bay at the NE end of the island. We first had to pay the local to use their beach - in fact they had a little fale (guest hut) setup which we could use to shelter from the rain.

It's unusual to be shore diving - it was Bonaire where we last did that. It was nice not to have to tow the dinghy too! The three of us, as Tom had joined Anthony and I, made a couple of dives from the bay, with a lunch in between.

The first dive, Broken Ear, so named because Ty had burst an eardrum whilst free diving it (!!), was a nice wall dive with a few turtles and lots of fish life. The coral was ok, but Ty showed us Ghost coral which turned from black to white when touched. Never seen that before.

The second dive, Turtle Power, was very accurately named. We went the other way along the wall and saw 9 different turtles all hanging out resting ready to come inshore with the tide to forage. That was a really nice dive and I thoroughly enjoyed it.