Duplicat's Diary

Loving Samoa II
by Rick at 07:19:15, 2017-08-24 (day 1208)
Today we got a hire car and set off to explore. Tom from Running Tide was joining us as well. We first headed to Samoa dive & Snorkel to firm up arrangements for a 2 tank dive on Monday. They were out diving though, so we headed to the Papapapai-tai falls. Not quite what we were expecting though and nowhere near as impressive as Keiteur, but a nice view, nonetheless.

From there we headed to Togitogiga Falls for some swimming. The hire car broke down here - the rough track threw the positive battery lead off - it wasn't really fixed properly. The hire car company came straight out to fix it whilst we were swimming.

From here we headed to the highlight of the day - the To Sua ocean trench.

It's a long climb down into the collapsed lava tube, but we all managed it and enjoyed our swim. I tried the submerged swim-through to the sea and found it pretty easy. Soon Tom, Anthony and I had been through the 3m tunnel. Great fun!

We returned to Apia for an ice cream and explored the area a bit. We also checked out the Farmer Joes supermarket ready for provisioning. We believe that it's better to stock up here than Tonga, so we plan a reasonable shop here - enough to get us to NZ. We don't want to overstock as we may end up throwing away a lot of stuff at NZ quarantine!

Tomorrow, the Robert Louis Stevenson museum beckons, as does the intriguing Papase'ea sliding rocks.